Choosing and Ordering

Your Rocker Blotter


1.  Consider Size

Standard blotters are great for blotting a personal check in one sweep; or the width of a journal page.  The approximate blotting size is 2 ½ inches by 7 inches.   $59 with free shipping.

Baby blotters are perfect for blotting a signature.  Blotting size is 1 ½ inches by 5 inches.  $59 with free shipping.  (Yeup, same price as standard size — they take the same amount of time to make and cost of materials is about the same.)




2.  Consider Color

Currently I am offering 6 colors.  4 previous colors and 2 new.  From left to right.    

    1. Behr’s Scandinavian Red Mahogany; subtly reddish
    2.  Minwax Walnut Gel Stain; a true “brownish” color 
    3. Wood Kote J’eld Heritage Oak; warmer, slightly more orange than walnut; very nice.
    4. Natural Oak (no coloring), the polyurethane varnish adds a warm yellowing of the natural oak.  My favorite.




Two addition colors here are sandwiched between natural on the left and walnut on the right.

Second from left is cherry.  Zars #116 — a very cheerful, pleasant, and soft color. 

And second from the right is Zar’s #124 Rosewood, a very bold and reddish color.  




 Consider Wood!

I have recently acquired a small amount of southern red oak (Quercus falcata) which is much darker than northern red oak (Quercus rubra.)

On the left:  southern red oak with NO coloring except for 3 top coats of polyurethane. On the right:  northern red oak with NO coloring except for 3 top coats of polyurethane.





 Southern Red Oak Stains

Being the naturally dark wood that it is, coloring used on southern red will look a bit different than on northern red.


Top Row.  Left: Jel’d Heritage Oak.  Middle: no color.  Right: Minwax Gel-Stain Walnut.  I think these two colors suit this dark oak best.  I also like the natural.


Second Row.  Left: ZAR Rosewood 124. Middle: no color.  Right: Zar Cherry 116.  In my opinion the darker inherent color of the southern oak muddies the rosewood stain and dulls the cherry stain.


3rd Row.  Left: Jel’d Fruitwood.  Middle:  no color.  Right: Behr Red Mahogany #609.


4th Row.  Left: Zar Dark Mahogany 118.  Right: no color


5th Row. Left: MinWax Honey #272.  Right: no color

3.  Consider Knobs / Handles

The knobs you will see on the blotters on the inventory page can be switched with any of the knobs I have in stock.

Knobs that look great on rocker blotters are large oval or football/rugby ball shapes.

My favorite for standard sized is the large round polished brass with wide base pictured on the “natural” color blotter in the middle. Unfortunately, these large knobs are no longer manufactured by Liberty.  The closest I can find to this is $12-$16 each.  Check current inventory to see what I have available.

On the baby blotters I like the football/rugby ball shaped knobs like the one pictured on the far right.

I have recently (June 2022) purchased a number of oak knobs and will be offering those as options as well.


 Click here to learn more about knobs. 

4.  What about Blotter Paper?

5 sheets of pre-cut blotter paper are included with each rocker blotter.

 Click here for tips for changing blotter sheets.


The finest blotter paper I have found is at  Blotting Paper, pack of 25 sheets | Pendemonium



5.  Email me.

Choose your rocker blotter from the  Current Inventory page  and email me to make sure it is available.  Note the blotter number.

Email to  

If there is a color/size/knob combination you would like but you don’t find it in the inventory, email me with your choices and if possible I will make one up for you.

6.  I Will Reply.

I will give you the availability and probable ship date, upon payment.

Notes on Shipping:

Shipping is included in the price.  I ship blotters by USPS Priority Mail Or UPS Ground.  I prefer and will use UPS in most cases depending on cost.

International shipping is outrageously expensive and completely undependable.  I’ve lost too much money and I will not ship to international destinations.

7.  Make Payment and SEND ME YOUR ADDRESS.

I will email you instructions to make payment via PayPal.

When using PayPal DO NOT chose “Family and Friends.” Rocker Blotters are products and PayPal wants to collect their fees.

I will acknowledge receipt of payment.

If I am not travelling I will ship within 24 hours of receiving payment.  If I am out of town I will email with the soonest possible ship date.

I will also email you the tracking information.