These Rocker Blotters Are Beautiful
As Well As Functional.

One Would Look Great on Your Desk!


Why a Rocker Blotter?

Most modern inks dry quickly — but not quickly enough.  Using a rocker blotter helps you avoid smearing the ink or getting it on your hands or shirt sleeves.  An often used rocker blotter on the left.

Highest Quality

 — Each Rocker Blotter is Individually Hand Crafted from American Northern Red Oak.

— Each one is unique in color and grain.

— Quality Solid Brass Knobs Add Beauty, Weight, and a Solid Feel. 

— Each one receives 1 sanding coat, then 3 top coats of tough polyurethane varnish that will last for years.


“Your blotters rock.”

“I just opened my new blotter (my Christmas gift to myself) and it is gorgeous!  Pardon the pun, but your blotters rock!  It works beautifully.  I had been using an old one and the rocker surface was uneven and chipped and didn’t roll very well across the paper.  I used yours today and WOW, what a difference!  Thanks for your fine craftsmanship, which is very important to me in a product.” — BC


Standard Size or Baby Blotters

Standard size blotters have a blotting length of about 6 inches — enough to cover the width of most journal pages or a personal check.

Baby blotters are the perfect size for signatures or personal pocket sized journals.  And, they make great gifts!

“Stunning, rich hue.”

“The blotter is a real beauty and has a stunning, rich hue. I’m very happy with both and appreciate the care and attention to my orders.” — JH

Just got the package and am absolutely delighted. By pure chance the model received is almost an exact match to my roll top desk and it looks as if both were made for each other. It looks great and it is just what I was looking for.” — BP



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All Sizes of Northern Red Oak:  $59.
Occasionally premium woods may become available at a higher cost.

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