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Rocker Blotters For Sale
Standard Size - $59 plus shipping
"Baby Blotters" - $49 plus shipping

Page Updated May 26,2017

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How To Select And Purchase Your Rocker Blotter

1.  Consider Size

Standard blotters are great for blotting a personal check in one sweep; or the width of a journal page.  The approximate blotting size is 2 ½ inches by 6 inches.

Baby blotters are perfect for blotting a signature.  Blotting size is 1 ½ inches by 5 inches.

Standard and Baby, both Walnut

2.  Consider Color

Currently I am offering 4 colors.  From left to right
    Behr’s Scandinavian Red Mahogany; subtly reddish
    Minwax Walnut Gel Stain; a true "brownish" color

    Wood Kote J’eld Heritage Oak; warmer, slightly more orange than walnut; very nice.
    Natural Oak (no coloring), the polyurethane varnish adds a warm yellowing of the natural oak.  My favorite.

(Standard size blotters)

(Standard size blotters)

(Baby Blotters)

3.  Consider the knob/handle

The knobs you will see on the blotters in the catalog can be switched with any of the knobs I have in stock.  Click here to see available knobs.

4.  Blotter Paper.

10 sheets of blotter paper are included with each rocker blotter.
Tips for changing blotter sheets.

5.  Email me. 

Choose your rocker blotter from the current catalog and email me to make sure it is available.  Note the blotter number.

6.  Make payment.

After I reply to your email please return to this page to make payment via PayPal.

7.  Use and Care of Your Rocker blotter.

Download 37 page document here. (OK, 1 page)

Ordering information: 
(I will only sell to USA and Canada addresses.  Sorry, No overseas sales -- it's just too expensive to ship!)

  1. Email me with your selection from the current inventory.  Identify as #1, #2, etc.  Give me your first and second choice.  Email to 
  2. I will return your email with a confirmation that it is available.  Usually you can expect a return email within 24 hours.
  3. After you receive a confirmation from me return to this page and click on PayPal for payment.  If you do not have a PayPal account you can open one up for free and there is no cost to you to process the charge.  You will be able to pay by credit card or arrange to have payment made direct from your checking account. Click the "Pay Now" button below.  You will be taken to a screen that will ask for description and price.  The description is "Rockerblotter #__" and the price is $59 for standard size, $49 for baby blotters, and $54 for junior blotters.  $11 shipping is automatically added for each. If you want to order more than one blotter you will only need to pay shipping for one.  Contact me for payment instructions. 
  4. I will usually ship by the end of the next business day after receiving payment.  I ship by UPS ground because it is trackable and UPS is dependable.  If you are unable to accept UPS shipments and you want me to ship by USPostalService then let me know and I will send by Priority Mail. 
Rocker Blotters and Blotter Paper Order Form

Blotter Paper         Tips for changing blotter sheets.

If you purchase a rocker blotter you will get 10 custom cut blotter sheets.  You can use both sides of each sheet. 

Additional rocker blotter sheets:  (prices include shipping)
    $6 for 10 sheets, or  
    $15 for 25 sheets 

Use the above order form to order extra blotter sheets.

If you are ordering just the blotter sheets I will need to know the width of your blotter so that I can cut your sheets to size.  Email me with the dimensions and I will give you instructions for ordering.

If you don't mind cutting your own sheets to size you can order additional blotter paper from  There you can buy 4 4"x9" sheets for $1, 25 sheets for $5.75, or 50 sheets for $10.


Next Batch -
I have a batch in process at this time. 
Expected completion Date July 4.

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