An essential desk accessory for the fountain pen enthusiast.
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Updated March 26, 2018 is currently closed and no orders are being takenCurrent batch rocker blotters

These rocker blotters are beautiful, as well as functional. 
One would look great on your desk!

March 26, 2018:  I am not making rocker blotters at this time.  I plan to begin production again but I am unable to make a firm commitment as to when.  Sorry


$59 for Standard Blotters, $49 for Baby Blotters.

Rocker Blotter

"Just opened my new blotter (my Christmas gift to myself) and it is gorgeous!  Pardon the pun, but your blotters rock!  It works beautifully.  I had been using an old one and the rocker surface was uneven and chipped and didn't roll very well across the paper.  I used yours today and WOW, what a difference!  Thanks for your fine craftsmanship, which is very important to me in a product. -- BC

The blotter is a real beauty and has a stunning, rich hue. I’m very happy with both and appreciate the care and attention to my orders. -- JH

They arrived safely today - beautifully packed.  My colleague and fellow pen collector and I are very pleased with your blotters and thankyou for making them. -- TL

I received the two rocker blotters in super-fast time and they are wonderfully functional and very, very attractive.  Thank you for your excellent craftsmanship.
  -- DF

Looks great!  It will be a perfect birthday gift.  Thanks. -- GR

Just got the package and am absolutely delighted. By pure chance the model received is almost an exact match to my roll top desk and it looks as if both were made for each other. It looks great and it is just what I was looking for. -- JH

Guy, I got my blotter a couple days ago and I absolutely love it!  It's great!  You did a fabulous job!  Thank you so much. -- JW

Hello from Norway.  Many thanks for the wonderful and beautiful piece of ART!  I am very satisfied, and I am looking forward every time I sit down at my desk, and look at the beautiful rocker blotter. -- Birger

I saw your display recently at the Pen Show at Hofstra University [Long Island Pen Show] and decided that I must own one of your rocker blotters!  Send me one in the Heritage Oak style. -- R.C.

I received my blotter today and it exceeded my expectations.  My desk is a Shaker style solid oak and the blotter is almost a perfect match.  I think the size is perfect and I would not have been as satisfied with anything smaller.  Beautiful work!  Thanks --L.C.

The blotter is beautiful and I am very impressed with your work. -- SM

Rocker Blotter
Most modern inks dry quickly -- but not quickly enough.  Using a rocker blotter helps you avoid smearing the ink or getting it on your hands or shirt sleeves.  An often used rocker blotter on the left.
rocker blotter
These rocker blotters are big enough to cover the width of a journal page or the width and height of a personal check in one movement. 
Rocker blotter

Baby Blotters!  Great for signatures. 

This Baby Blotter is shown before coloring and sealer coats. 

Please Visit the next Page To Choose Your Personal, One-of-a-Kind Rocker Blotter. 
rocker blotters

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